Divergent (Divergent Trilogy #1)

Okay, for starters like me, I might as well give you a review about Divergent. Of course everyone knows about Divergent, Imma right?! Yeah, I'm right.


  Let's see... My first impression about Divergent is : "Hmmm... this seems nice.." Then my friend told me about it the next day and BAM! I read it. And I tell you guys, once you start reading it, gravity won't bring that book down! Or your phone... for that matter. 




Favorite part!!! My favorite parts are : Chapter 12-13, Chapter 18, Chapter 20-21, Chapter 25-27, Chapter 29 until the end! I don't want to mention what's gonna happen because there might be some people who have not read Divergent yet. 


 So far, there are no boring parts. It's all about the thrills and the feels ;D Not much on the feels but when the feels get to you, it smacks you hard! Trust me dude, you gotta get your jaw ready for those parts.


AND!!! Here's my list of my favorite characters (they're not in order) :


1. FOUR <3 (Gotta love this guy)

2. Tris

3. Tori

4. Uriah

5. Christina

6. Tris' mom (but not that much but still!)

7. Peter (gotta give credit for Peter, if he's not there, then there's no fun and thrills in the story.... for me)


Aaaaand that's about it :) and I appreciate it that you read it from up there all the way down here :)) I only made this review short since I'm a noob for this and I'm sure that there are SO many reviews about this epic, awesome, jaw-dropping, eye-bulging book.

It's really fun to make a review about books. You get to show your opinion to others. Whoever discovered this, you are one helluva of a guy/girl(in a positive way).